Budget review in the Office of Research Services

Office of Research Services and Project Management

The Office of Research Services and Project Management helps faculty researchers develop competitive proposals and resubmissions for external funding.  Its services include management of limited submissions, advice on proposal development based on best practices, expert advice on budget preparation, location of needed resources, and help with project management.

Services provided

  • Assistance with executing and saving searches in COS Pivot that are based on your criteria and setting regular email updates for you.
  • Targeted distribution of funding opportunities to departments or faculty members who have indicated an interest in a particular area of research.
  • Assistance with interpreting requests for applications (RFAs) or proposals (RFPs) and locating collaborators
  • Help, based on best practices, with developing and preparing proposals.
  • Customized training on developing proposals and improving skills in technical writing for academic departments, colleges, and schools.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions.

Limited submissions

In addition, this office also conducts internal competitive reviews to select proposals for submission when solicitations have restrictions on the number of submissions and on eligibility requirements. These solicitations are referred to as “limited submission” opportunities and may require internal coordination across schools, colleges and disciplines within the university. The limited submissions website has details on opportunities, procedures, and guidelines for these solicitations.

Policies and procedures

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Research Services and Project Management staff

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