Research in the colleges and schools

N.C. A&T's colleges and schools conduct research within their disciplines and in collaboration with other academic units, other universities, and community partners.

Academic unit Research contact

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where available,
background information)
College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry
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Chemistry facilities and equipment

Department of Energy
and Environmental Systems

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics

Department of Psychology
Dr. David Aldridge
College of Engineering Dr. Bala Ram
Joint School of Nanoscience
and Nanoengineering
Dr. Joseph Graves
School of Agriculture
and Environmental Sciences

Areas of research collaboration
with N.C. State University
Dr. Shirley Hymon-Parker
School of Business and Economics

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Department of Business Education

Department of Economics

Department of Management

Department of Marketing, Transportation,
and Supply Chain
Dr. Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder
School of Education

Center for Behavioral Health and Wellness

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Counseling faculty

Department of Human Performance
and Leisure Studies

Department of Leadership Studies
Dr. Larry Powers
School of Nursing Dr. Terry D. Ward
School of Technology

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Department of Built Environment

Department of Computer Systems Technology
Dr. Clay Gloster
Points of Pride