Applying research to the built environment

Dennis Quaintance with solar panels atop the Proximity HotelPictured right: CERT client Dennis Weaver, CEO and Chief Design Officer of Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants and Hotels, with solar panels on the roof of the LEED Platinum-certified Proximity Hotel in Greensboro.

CERT's faculty, staff, and students provide a variety of services to the community.  Businesses, local governments and school systems have called on CERT for services ranging from basic to complex.

Our best known business customer may be the Proximity Hotel of Greensboro.  The Proximity engaged CERT for an energy measurement and verification plan that helped it become the first LEED Platinum-certified hotel in the United States.

CERT's services include:

  • Preliminary energy audits
  • Secondary energy audits
  • Energy reduction recommendations
  • Commercial and residential plan reviews
  • Measurement and verification plans
  • Data synchronization and review

For more information, contact Ray Tesiero, or 336 256-2406.

Photo: Proximity Hotel