Biomedical Research

Biomedical researcher at work

Mechanical engineering, materials science, and life sciences come together to create and apply new medical knowledge.

Focus areas

Alzheimer’s disease

Health disparities


Drug-delivery systems

Mechanical scaffolding for tissues



Biodegradable medical implants

Representative projects

Direct-write based micro and nano manufacturing fabrication of diverse applications, including functionally gradient materials, regenerative tissue scaffolds, and bio-chem sensors that lead to next-generation devices and systems

Merging quantitative proteomics with agricultural & environmental sciences

Bioactive food compounds with applications in prevention and management of diabetes

Wheat bran for colon cancer prevention: A targeted metabolomic approach

National Science Foundation
Engineering Research Center
for Revolutionizing
Metallic Biomaterials

Biodegradable metals (magnesium alloys)

Biofunctional surface modification

Sensors and controlled degradation

Controlled release

The ERC is conducting research in biomedical engineering and nanobio applications. Its goal is to generate revolutionary advances in cardiovascular, orthopedic and craniofacial medicine through technology for biocompatible and biodegradable implants for reconstruction and regeneration.

A&T is leading a consortium that includes the University of Pittsburgh, University of Cincinnati and Hannover Medical School in Germany.

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