Zachary Price - Engagement

Several important factors led freshman Zachary Price to attend North Carolina A&T.

Rather than be swayed by scholarship offers from larger schools such as North Carolina State, Drexel and the University of South Carolina, Price looked to Aggieland for a more personal experience.

“I chose to come to A&T because I felt I would get the much needed attention, cultural exposure and family environment that I deserved,” he said.

Price, 18, also received a Lewis and Elizabeth Dowdy Scholarship from A&T. Originally from Greensboro but living in Charlotte, he was familiar with the university’s College of Engineering, homecoming, and the Blue and Gold Marching Machine. It was a trip to campus, learning about the A&T Honors Program, the academics and his potential at the university that eventually gave him the tipping point he needed to commit.

“Sure enough, I am here,” he said. “The experience has definitely exceeded my expectations. I have been able to grow my professionalism, develop my wisdom and increase my academic proficiency. All the while, I love the environment and I would not trade my college experience for anything else.”

With a knack for math and science, and a love for buildings, solving problems and helping others, Price chose to study civil engineering.

“I enjoy being challenged on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “I am constantly surrounded by intellectuals that do amazing things and raise the bar for those around them.”

However, engineering is not for the weak-minded, he said.

“The work load, stress of grades and tedious nature of the field is difficult to manage at times,” Price said. “Many of the struggles are there to see how you handle pressure and stress. Thus, at the end of the day, it is better to stick out the hard work for a better payoff in the end.”

Eventually, after working as an engineer, Price would like to teach at the university level with the goal of making a positive and lasting impact on students.

During the summer of 2012, prior to the start of his freshman year at A&T, Price was a part of the HOME – Helping Orient Minority Engineers – program through the university’s College of Engineering. The program offers the top 5 percent of incoming freshman engineer majors the opportunity to take summer classes and to learn about various aspects of being an engineer.

Since that time, Price has been named president of the Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic year and has become a member of Kappa Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Co-educational Service Fraternity Inc.

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