Nakia Carson - Excellence

Like many high school students, Nakia Carson was unsure about which major she would study in college. Now, the sophomore honors student has found her niche and uses her experiences and journey to mentor others at North Carolina A&T State University.

During her senior year of high school, Carson learned about graphic design. She always planned to go to college and wanted to find a major that would lead her to a career where she could use her natural talent for creative expression. After meeting a representative from an Art Institute she decided to major in graphic design technology with a concentration in computer aided drafting and design (CADD).

“When it came to choosing my concentration I ended up choosing the wrong option,” Carson said. “The concentration I initially wanted to go into was printing and publishing but I do not regret it.”

When she took her first CADD class at North Carolina A&T State University, Carson was so interested that she didn’t want to switch her concentration.

Now, the sophomore is an inductee into the Epsilon Pi Tau honors society and a mentor. Carson’s mentees are freshman in the Technology and Innovation Living Learning Community.  Living and Learning Communities (LLC) at North Carolina A&T enable on-campus residents to experience educationally enriched housing communities. Carson mentors five technology students in the LLC.

“We are there for academic and social guidance and support for the freshman in the Technology and Innovation Living Learning Community,” she said.

As a mentor, she gets an opportunity to help new freshmen make the necessary adjustments to be successful college students.

“It feels good because, in a sense, I can give back,” she said.

With all these personal experiences and more than a full academic year under her belt, Carson is ecstatic about being an Aggie. Everything turned out the way it was supposed to be and now, she can concentrate on learning all she can about graphics.

“I feel like everything just fell into place.”

The Thomasville, N.C. native is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta freshman honor society and a WABASH Provost Scholar.

“Time management plays a huge role in being able to balance everything,” she said. “I always keep in mind my purpose for coming to college in the first place. Social and extracurricular activities and my personal downtime comes after my school work in priorities.”

“My goal when I came to college was to be the best Nakia I could be,” she said.

Her additional goals included building strong relationships in and out of the classroom and becoming more independent. She is proud to say she is doing all of those things.

“I can feel myself growing up,” Carson said.

In the future Carson plans on going to graduate school and then working with architects to design the interior and exterior of buildings.

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