Mollie Sewell - Research

Enrollment at North Carolina A&T State University is not Mollie Sewell’s first experience with a local college. The freshman bioengineering major is a graduate of the Early College at Guilford and she has enough credits to be classified as a junior.

“Early College helped me a lot – I feel like I was more prepared academically and I knew how to get my study schedule down,” she said.

Sewell, 18, is a member of the University Honors Program and the daughter of two Aggie alums who is making an attempt to become more engaged in the Greensboro community.

“I’m starting to volunteer in the Oakland Community, working with Latino children as a tutor and helping them with homework,” she said.

Sewell is hoping that this experience will go well and be a springboard for study abroad in a Latin American country.

“I’ve tutored there before and it’s really nice to know I’m helping others,” she said. “I’m blessed and privileged to have what I have and I want to give back a little bit.”

After undergrad, Sewell has plans to go to medical school and possibly follow in her mother’s footsteps to become a doctor.

“She’s always coming home with different stories that interest. I haven’t decided which specialty I want to go into,” Sewell said.

As a bioengineering major, she will have career options in medicine, research and all points in between. That is precisely why she chose that major.

“At first, I was thinking of majoring in biology, but it is not as innovative or creative as (the field of) bioengineering. Now I will have a lot more options,” Sewell said.

In the meantime, the High Point, N.C., native will be working to find more balance in her schedule as a residential student at N.C. A&T.

“Here it’s a little bit harder. I know if I was living at home, my mom would be on me,” Sewell said. “At first it was difficult but you have to discipline yourself. It is easier now.”

Sewell is also looking forward to learning more about bioengineering and connecting with her fellow students.

“I haven’t gotten too far in my major so I am taking general engineering classes. I’m looking forward to learning more about bioengineering – I am excited to actually get into it,” Sewell said. “I’m also interested in making connections. My parents are still friends with their college friends.”

Both of Sewell’s parents graduated from A&T in 1994 with degrees in chemical engineering. She’s known about the university all her life and has always been nudged in A&T’s direction.

“My mom kind of pushed me and that led to some rebellion and me saying, ‘I’m going to go so far away.’ After I stopped being rebellious I looked into it and saw all A&T had to offer,” she said. “I wanted to go to an HBCU and this is the best HBCU you can attend to become an engineer.”