Carolina Araujo - Learning

As a teenager, Carolina Araujo eagerly helped her father run his small granite and marble business.

Not only did she help her sister to recruit new clients, she also had a hand in other important tasks, such as preparing client budgets. She learned many valuable lessons.

For Araujo, the most enjoyable moments involved meeting both repeat and new customers.

“It was a challenge to make them become our clients and to keep them coming back,” she said.

Those experiences encouraged the 29-year-old to pursue a degree in business management at North Carolina A&T. Now a sophomore, Araujo continues to enjoy learning how various factors such as economy and society impact business, but also how business professionals respond to those challenges.

“A business person can react with all the factors and take risks daily,” she said.

A native of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, in 2003 Araujo received an opportunity to visit the United States while participating in a work-travel program. Through the program, she journeyed to Myrtle Beach, S.C., to learn English while working for four months and traveling for one month.

Then in 2011, Araujo decided to leave the beautiful coast to continue her undergraduate studies at A&T. Overall, her time at the university has been rewarding academically and through her personal growth, but she’s faced some challenges along the way as well.

“First of all, the language, because I only had the basic from high school, and second (being) away from family and friends,” Araujo said.

Though missing loved ones has been difficult, the support she has received while at A&T has been paramount.

“Everyone treats me as family,” she said.

In addition, Araujo works full-time while attending classes as a full-time student. More often than not, she said her busy schedule is the biggest obstacle.

“Managing my time is so important,” she said. And ultimately, “All of the good recognitions at the end of each challenge are very motivating.”

The act of learning in itself also is inspiring for Araujo.

“Obtaining my education is important because it is something that nobody can take from me,” she said. “I only depend on me to be success.”

Aside from her coursework, Araujo enjoys learning languages and currently speaks English and Spanish, along with her native Portuguese. Her interests also include tutoring her classmates.

“I like to see people learning, and I can learn with them too,” she said.

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