Angelica Smith - Engagement

After three years participating in various organizations on campus, Angelica Smith decided to make a run at becoming Miss Senior for the class of 2014 - and she won.

“Being an official image for the senior class and the university is an honor,” she said.

Smith, 21, is a native of Red Springs, N.C. and is glad she decided to run and be a part of the royal court because it has set her up for the next chapters in her life.

“It’s taught me how to be a queen and how to carry myself as a queen,” she said. “And having business etiquette and how to conduct myself in the business world - A&T taught me all of that.”

Smith is a sports science and fitness management major who has big dreams for her career and for little girls in small towns like the one she grew up in.

“I want to become a marketing specialist for professional sports teams and open cheer and dance studios for young girls in small towns,” she said. “Some little girl may have that same passion I do and I don’t want her to be limited by where she grows up.”

For as long as she can remember, Smith has had dreams of dancing and being a hardcore cheerleader. As a student at North Carolina A&T State University, she has been an operation coordinator for Golden Delight, the Blue & Gold Marching Machine’s auxiliary dance team, as well as a dancer for Cool Mist, the Cold Steel Drumline’s auxiliary dance team. She also performed with the band in last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.

But Smith’s engagement doesn’t stop there. She stays active in many organizations on campus, including the New Student Programs Orientation Student Leaders, sports science honor society Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pulse 72, 910 Aggies, and a spring 2013 initiate to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. While she’s been involved her entire tenure at N.C. A&T, Smith is grateful for all of the experiences.

“A freshman was telling me that I do too much. My college experience has been about networking,” she said. “I feel like you learn who you are in high school and define who you are in college.”

On her journey to defining herself, Smith has promised herself and her constituents that producing high-quality programs for the students at A&T will continue to grow and expand.

“I want to empower the women on campus and do a mentoring program that should be starting soon,” she added.

The mentoring program will be Smith’s legacy event that she hopes to pass down to the next Miss Senior.

“I am not going to be the Miss Senior who disappears after she graduates. I will come back and be there for the Miss Senior who comes behind me,” she said.

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