Jooneun Choi - Integrity

Jooneun Choi, an international exchange student, traveled more than seven thousand miles to study at North Carolina A&T State University.

“I knew that N.C A&T had a high quality engineering education system. I wanted to learn advanced engineering skills,” said the sophomore student from South Korea.

Although there are many cultural differences between South Korea and the United States, Choi has had an easy time adjusting to his new environment.

“When I arrived here there were many assistants to help me to adapt. To be specific, international assistants always contacted me,” he said. “For this reasons I have adjusted well to the new changes in my student life at A&T.”

When Choi first got to campus, like many of the exchange students at A&T, he was immediately greeted by students and faculty from the Office of International Affairs. He was offered an English tutor to strengthen his language skills. Choi said this allowed him to quickly maneuver around his new surroundings and solve issues quickly.

Choi is an industrial engineering student and enjoys spending time taking what he’s learned in the classroom and putting it into practice in the laboratory.

“Whenever I take classes I get practical experiences,” he said.  “For example, one of my classes always gives me the chance to go to the laboratory in order to learn real engineering skills.”

Choi appreciates the opportunity to work in a lab and get a hands-on experience. This he credits with increasing his confidence for the work he will perform in the future.

He has even thought about returning the North Carolina A&T for graduate school after he completes his study and then hopefully working for a major company in the United States.

Although Choi’s family is thousands of miles away they completely supported his decision to attend N.C. A&T through the exchange program.

“They expected that I would be able see something [in the U.S.] that I could not see in my country,” he said.

Choi is excited to take all the things he’s learned about engineering and all of his experiences at A&T back home with him while he continues to prepare for a career in industrial engineering.

“I want to experience this department as much as possible and after that I want to choose my future career,” Jooneun said. 

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