Jordan Greene

Jordan Greene

It’s not uncommon for Jordan Alexander Greene to return home to Raleigh, North Carolina to acclaim, fanfare and well-wishes. In fact, to many in his family and community he may as well be an elected official. And while he’s not there yet, he is the newly elected North Carolina A&T State University Student Government Association president. 

The attention that Greene often receives isn’t without merit. His accomplishments are note-worthy to say the least especially considering he’s a first-generation college student.

“At first I didn’t know the true definition of a first-generation college student. I talked to my mom and dad and they confirmed I would be the first in the family to go to college,” said Greene. “Growing up I didn’t have some of the resources I have now. My parents told me to go to college, but they didn’t necessarily know which one to go to or what to do. They never had the opportunities I have, so everything is new to them too, but they are very proud of me.”

Having been elected freshman, sophomore and junior class president, once Greene made up his mind to run for class office there was no stopping him. It’s part of the very reason he chose the mantra, “All or Nothing” as his platform and slogan.

“At first I didn’t think I could do it, but I said that if my goal was to become SGA president then I had to learn and be completely knowledgeable of the position and what it entails. And that is what I did. I followed in order to lead,” said Greene. “‘All or Nothing’ is simple, but it means a lot. I gave it my all and I’m giving it my all.

“Realizing that we all have goals we want to reach; we all have to have an all or nothing mentality. I knew everyone could relate to that.”

A self-professed, “110 percent people’s leader” Greene is completely devoted to his constituents throughout the university community, but he’s equally concerned and excited about serving the general public and meeting the needs of the next generation.

As a senior accounting major, Greene has interned for two summers with KPMG International, an audit, tax and advisory services company, gaining exceptional knowledge in his field. Coupled with his plans to work in public and private accounting following graduation, he knows he will be more than prepared to launch a community mentoring organization for youth.

“I’m very big on giving back. I volunteer a lot at places like Habitat for Humanity and various places in Greensboro and Raleigh, but what I really love is going back to different middle schools and talking to the students about college, what it entails, how to get there and how to be successful,” he said. “I’m very passionate about family, community and youth. I truly believe investing in the next generation is very important.”

Greene says his passion for making a difference in the community and with youth is so strong and he has so much to say, he could probably talk about it all day. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that he doesn’t have to talk about it. His actions are already speaking louder than any words he could ever say.