I woke up on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 with a different upbeat feeling about my day. I knew that today was going to be much different and would turn out to be one of the most memorable days of my life. I, Augustine Joseph, a senior Political Science student at North Carolina A&T State University had been invited to meet President Barack Obama. On Tuesday October 18, 2011, President Barack Obama was making a stop on his bus tour in Jamestown, NC, at the Mary Perry Ragsdale Family YMCA. This event was to take the American Jobs Act to the people, and remind the Washington politicians to pass the bill. Before the event started, I was invited with other Democratic Party officials and elected officials to go behind the stage to meet the President. Moments before meeting the President, I could feel nothing but adrenaline pumping and tried to keep calm, cool and collected. All of the Democratic Party officials were behind stage around a barricade, facing in front of us were two United States flags. Then the moment had arrived and President Obama walked over to the two flags and began to greet people. My first reaction to this was “Wow, the President of the United States is standing right in front of me.” I was totally shocked by his mere presence. As more people in front of me began to meet him and take his picture, I continued to remind myself what I would say. I was the second to last person in the line of people he was meeting, and now I was at the front and my time had come. One of the President’s advisors leaned over and said, “Mr. President, this is Augustine Joseph, a student at North Carolina A&T State University.” The President greeted me with a handshake and said “Augustine how are you?” I replied to him, “I am doing great.” Then we both looked forward at the camera and took an official picture. I then turned to the President and said “Mr. President, I have to give you something of mine. I want to give you my A&T lapel pin.” I began to remove the lapel pin from my suit and I said, “Mr. President, you have to leave here with a little bit of Aggie Pride. It is important that you have this because you will need it more than I. You will need this when you came back to North Carolina and come to speak at North Carolina

A&T.” The President then chuckled, and I replied to him and said “I am serious sir.” The President then said “Okay” and I said, “Thank you Mr. President.” This is truly one of the moments that I will remember for the rest of my life, the opportunity to have met a sitting President while in office. Once I had walked back to my seat moments later a teacher was giving the introduction to the President, and the President came walking out on stage to the tune of “Hail to the Chief” in the background.