Position Management and Compensation

Position Management and Compensation is responsible for working with University administrators to establish and maintain fair and equitable classification and salary decisions for the University's workforce. The unit maintains the integrity of the State of North Carolina's career banding program and EPA designations, as well as the Department of Labor's prescribed Fair Labor Standards Act regulations.  Position Management and Compensation provides services and consultation in the areas of organizational and position design; position review and analysis; consultation on departmental pay philosophies and strategies; compensation analysis; and salary adjustment approvals and monitoring.

Position Management has a new guide for writing position descriptions in the Policies and Resources documents below. The guide provides the background information for creating position descriptions and addresses frequently-asked-questions such as:

Why are they important?

What has to be included and how should they be written?

How can an SPA competency profile help with writing a job description, and why is one not the same thing as a job description?

What is the Human Resources Advisory Board (HRAB) looking for when reviewing a position description to determine if it can be EPA?

How can an HRAB submission be strengthened?

Policies and Resources: