AggiesLEAD Digital Badges

In an effort to enhance Professional Development at A&T, CLOE is launching an alternative credentialing system directly connected to the competencies associated with faculty and staff of the future that are:

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Professional Development and Efficiency
  • Collaboration, Innovation, & Engagement

Upon the completion of a focus group conducted in March 2017, it became evident to human resources that our community knows and understands ‘faculty and staff of the future’ as a concept, however, there seems to be misconceptions of how to achieve this vision.  As a way to create a pathway to achieve faculty and staff of the future, human resources proposed a digital badge credentialing system titled AggiesLEAD.  AggiesLEAD offers the opportunity to achieve a digital badge and certificate in various focus areas.

What is a digital badge?  A digital badge is an online representation of the “Faculty and Staff of the Future Achievement” earned through a detailed professional development program titled “AggiesLEAD.”

What do digital badges represent? Individuals who earn AggiesLEAD Digital Badges represent a set of competencies, achievements, and knowledge possessed by faculty and staff of the future at A&T. Badges can be shared with the community by displaying them through e-mail signatures, websites, blogs, social media, portfolios, and resumes.  Digital badges serve to model faculty and staff of the future behavior, recognize achievement, and establish credibility in the community.

What Badges will A&T Offer? We are starting the program with a series of 10 badges all connected to the competencies of Faculty and Staff of the Future, the following are Badges that will Launch this fall:

AggiesLead Badges Selection 

How to earn a badge?  

All badges have core courses which are mandatory and a large selection of elective courses you can choose from.  In order to be awarded one of the badges and certificate under AggiesLEAD you will need to complete all of the core courses as outlined by the curriculum and choose a set number of elective courses.  For each badge you can earn the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level, for each level you need to complete the following:

Bronze:  Core Curriculum + Measurement of Understanding (MoU)

Silver: Core Curriculum + Measurement of Understanding (MoU) + 3 Elective Courses

Gold: Core Curriculum + Measurement of Understanding (MoU) + 6 Elective Courses

Full view of the AggiesLEAD curriculum.


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