Yahya R Kamalipour


DepartmentJournalism and Mass Communications





OfficeCrosby Hall
Room: 127

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Yahya R Kamalipour


Ph D: Communication, University of Missouri, 1986

MA: Mass Media, University of Wisconsin- Superior, 1978

BA: Mass Communication--Public Relations, Minnesota State University, 1977

Other: Marshalltown Community College, 1975

Research Interests

Global Media, Cultural Diversity, Stereotyping, Media Impact, Digital Communication, and Globalization

Recent Publications

Friedrichsen, Mike  (2017).  Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media: Media Management, Media Convergence and Globalization. 

Greidina , Nadejda  (2016).  Communicating through the Universe. 

Kamalipour, Yahya  (2010).  Media, Power, and Politics in the Digital Age.  No 

Kamalipour, Yahya  (2009).  The Right to Communication: Historical Hopes, Global Debates and Future Premises.  No 

Kamalipour, Yahya  (2008).  Global Media Journal Book Series, Volume I.  Yes 

Kamalipour, Yahya  (2008).  Global Media Journal Book Series, Volume II.  Yes 

Kamalipour, Yahya  (2007).  Global Communication, 2nd edition.  No 

Kamalipour, Yahya  (2006).  The battle of the airwaves: The rise and proliferation of Iranian satellite TV channels.  No   Transnational Broadcasting Studies.