Anthony K. Yeboah


DepartmentAgribusiness, Applied Economics, and Agriscience Education



OfficeCarver Hall
Room: 145

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Anthony K. Yeboah


Ph D: Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University, 1980

MS: Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University, 1978

BS: Agricultural Economics, University of Science and Technology, 1975

Research Interests

Research interest focuses on finding ways to improve the economic viability of small-holdings in North Carolina. Recent research identified enterprise diversification, love-of-farming, and risk management strategies as the driving forces behind success and survival of small scale farms in the state. Specifically, the adoption of value added processing, niche marketing and enterprises that generate incomes can significantly impact economic viability of small farms. Diversifying farm operations creates a greater opportunity for year-round income and can contribute to the success of the farm business.

Recent Publications

Yeboah, Anthony  Owens, John  (2016).  Case Studies of Agritourism among Small Farmers in North Carolina..  (I,  ).  Journal of Agro and Crop Science.

Yeboah, Anthony  Owens, John  Bynum, Jarvetta  Okafor, Ralph   (2016).  Case Studies of Agritourism among Small Farmers in North Carolina.  No  (1,  Vol. 1,  pp. 13 pages).  Iore Journal of Agro and Crop Science, IJI.

Yeboah, Anthony  Naanwaab, Cephas  Yeboah, Osei-Agyemang  Owens, John  (2013).  Economic Feasibility of Sustainable High Oilseed-Based Biofuel Production: The Case for Biodiesel in North Carolina.  (1,  16,  pp. 41-66).  International Food and Agribusiness Management Review.

Yeboah, Anthony   Owens, John  Bynum, Jarvetta   Okafor, Ralph  Factors Influencing Agritourism Adoption by Small Farmers in North Carolina .  No   Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.