Wayne R. Moore


DepartmentSocial Work and Sociology


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OfficeGibbs Hall
Room: 206-E

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Wayne R. Moore


Ph D: Social Work, University of South Carolina, 1992

MSW: Social Work, The Ohio State University, 1975

BS: Social Work, East Carolina University, 1973

Research Interests

Community Social Work Faculty Mentoring

Recent Publications

Poole, Jay  Rife, John  Moore, Wayne   Pearson , Fran  (2016).  The Congregational Social Work Initiative: Toward a Vision for Community Health Through Religious Traditions and Philanthropy.  (6,  7,  ).  Religions .

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Moore, Wayne  Poole, Kelly   Pearson, Fran  Moore, Lelia  Rife , John  (2015).  Initiating New Community and Field Education Partnerships: The Congregational Social Work Education Initiative.  (3,  11,  pp. 12).  Canadian Social Science.

Ellison, Martha   Moore , Wayne  Johnson, Andrea  Ellison, Martha  (2015).  Mentoring Experiences of undergraduate Social Work Faculty: Navigating the Academic Maze.  In Dr. Kyoung Shin, Northwest Missouri State University  (2,  2,  pp. 191-218).  Journal of Sociology & Social Work.

Moore , wayne  Rife , John   Poole, Jay  Pearson, Fran  Moore, Lelia  Reaves, Antonia  Reinventing Social Work Education and Service Delivery in Rural Areas: An interdisciplinary Model for Serving Vulnerable Populations .   Journal of Contemporary Rural Social Work .

Poole , Jay  Pearson, Fran   Moore, Wayne   Rife , John  Innovating to Keep Pace: A Ten Year Model for Group Interprofessional Field Placements Introduction and Background.   Field Educator, Simmons College of Social Work .

Moore, Wayne   Poole, Jay   Person, Fran   Moore , Lelia   Meeting Health , Mental Health & Housing Needs of Older Adults: A Case Review of the Congregational Social Work Education Initiative.   Educational Gerontology .

Pearson , Fran   Poole, Jay   Moore , Wayne   Moore , Lelia   Reaves , Antonia   The Congregational Social Work Initiative: A New Pathway in Field Education and Community Partnership.   Journal of Family and Community Ministries.

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