Silvanus J. Udoka





OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 227

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Silvanus J. Udoka


Ph D: Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University, 1989

MS: Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University, 1984

BS: Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Weber State University, 1982

Research Interests

Immersive & Augmented 3-Dimensional Environments for Interactive Visualization, Production Systems Analysis, Design, Integration & Management, Automation and Integrated Production & Service Delivery Systems, Material Flow Systems in the Supply Chain, Automated Data Capture Systems Applications, Integration of Logistics and Sustainment Lifetime Data to Impact Future-Systems Design to Minimize Sustainment Footprint, Modeling and Design of Global Logistics Systems, Lean Six Sigma Enterprises.

Recent Publications

Leaven, Laquanda  Wang, Shengbin  Coley, Linda  Udoka, Silvanus  (2017).  Achieving Optimal Safety Inventory Levels for Oil Companies using the CONWIP Approach.  In Dr. Md. Mamun Habib  (4,  6,  pp. 17-21).  International Journal of Supply Chain Management.

Uzochukwu, Benedict  Udoka, Silvanus  Balogun, Femi  (2016).  Development and Implementation of Product Sustainment Simulator Utilizing Fuzzy Cognitive Map (FCM).  (2,  23,  pp. 425-442).  Benchmarking, An International Journal.

Akyeampong, Joseph  Udoka, Silvanus  Caruso , Giandomenico   Bordegoni , Monica   (2014).  Evaluation of hydraulic excavator Human-Machine Interface concepts using NASA TLX.  (3,  44,  pp. 374-382).  Elsevier.

Akyeampong, Joseph  Nevins, Lashawn  Udoka, Silvanus  (2013).  Using digital human modeling to enhance work visibility for excavator.   IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.

Akyeampong, Joseph  Udoka, Silvanus  (2012).  A Multimodal-Augmented Reality Design Space for Effective Human-Machine Interface Design.   IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.

Uzochukwu, Benedict  Udoka, Silvanus  (2012).  Design for Sustainment: Challenges and Theoretical.   Customer-Oriented Global Supply Chains: Concepts for Effective Management: Concepts for Effective Management.

Sanders, Janet  Udoka, Silvanus  (2012).  Manufacturing Task Process Characterization Utilizing Response Surface Methodology.  (2,  3,  pp. 62–77).  International Journal of Green Computing (IJGC).

Udoka, Silvanus  Anyansi-Archibong, Chiekwe  (2011).  Emerging Exposure Risks and Ethics of the Nanotechnology Workplace.  (4,  3,  pp. 38–46).  International Journal of Nanotechnology and Molecular Computation (IJNMC).

Sanders, Janet  Udoka, Silvanus  (2010).  An information provision framework for performance-based interactive elearning application for manufacturing.   Simulation & Gaming.