Sayo O. Fakayode

TitleAssociate Professor



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OfficeNew Science Building
Room: 332

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Sayo O. Fakayode


Ph D: Analytical Chemistry, Baylor University, 2004

MS: Analytical Chemistry, University of Ibadan, 1997

BS: Chemistry, University of Ibadan, 1994

Research Interests

Although the primary focus of our research group is analytical/bioanalytical chemistry, the research interest is multi-disciplinary. The goal is the development of new chemical sensors for rapid, sensitive, selective, and accurate analysis of chemicals of biomedical, clinical, pharmaceutical, and forensic importance. We are interested in the use of analytical spectroscopy for early detection of biomarkers for various cancer diseases, particularly the development of multi-analytical approaches and high-throughput techniques for the investigation of the binding of chiral enantiomer drugs and chiral environmental pollutants with biomolecules.

Recent Publications

Mehari, Tsdale  Rorie, Checo  Godfrey, Sherette  Minor, Radiah  Fakayode, Sayo  (2017).  Influence of Arsenic (III), Cadmium (II), Chromium (VI), Mercury (II), and Lead (II) Ions on Human Triple Negative Breast Cancer (HCC1806) Cell Cytotoxicity and Cell Viability .  (1,  7,  pp. 1-17).  Journal of Chemical Health Risks.

Elzey, Brianda  Pollard, David  Fakayode, Sayo  (2016).  Determination of Adulterated Neem and Flaxseed Oil Compositions by FTIR Spectroscopy and Multivariate Regression Analysis.   Food Control.

Hordge, LaQuana  McDaniel, Kiara  Jones, Derick  Fakayode, Sayo  (2016).  Simultaneous determination of estrogens (ethinylestradiol and norgestimate) concentrations in human and bovine serum albumin by use of fluorescence spectroscopy and multivariate regression analysis.  (152,  pp. 401–409).  Talanta.

Fakayode, Sayo  Snipes, Vincent  Kanipes-Spinks, Margaret  M., Mohammed  Y., Mohamed  Wilson, Zakiya  (2016).  Innovative Pedagogies and Partnerships to Promote Undergraduate STEM Education at an HBCU.  In Charles B. Prince and Rochelle Ford,  In Setting a New Agenda for Student Engagement and Retention in Historically Black Colleges and Universities   IGI Global.

Fakayode, Sayo  Snipes, Vincent  Kanipes-Spinks, Margaret  (2016).  Got Caffeine in your Beverage and Fe in your Diet? Hands-on Professional Development Workshop for K-12 Science Educators. .  (21,  pp. 15-22).   The Chemical Educator.

Fakayode, Sayo  Snipes, Vincent  Kanipes, Margaret  (2015).  Collaboration between Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Local School Districts to promote K-12 Science Education, North Carolina, USA.  (20,  pp. 86-94).  Chemical Educator.

Siraj, Noureen  El-Zahab, Bilal  Hamdan, Suzana  Karam, Tony  Haber, Louis  Li, Min  Fakayode, Sayo  Das, Susmita  Valle, Bertha  Strongin, Robert  (2015).  Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, and Chemiluminescence.  (1,  88,  pp. 170–202).  Analytical chemistry.

Mehari, Tsdale  Greene, LaVana  A’ja, L  Fakayode, Sayo  (2015).  Trace and macro elements concentrations in selected fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and processed foods in North Carolina, USA.  (6,  6,  pp. 573).  Journal of Environmental Protection.

Fakayode, Sayo  (2015).  Purity Analysis of the Pharmaceuticals Naproxen and Propranolol: A Guided-Inquiry Laboratory Experiment in the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory.  (1,  92 ,  pp. 157–162).  Journal of Chemical Education.