Maruice Mangum


DepartmentPolitical Science and Criminal Justice



OfficeGibbs Hall
Room: 223

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Maruice Mangum


Ph D: Political Science, Louisiana State University, 1998

MA: Political Science, Ohio State University, 1993

BS: Political Science, University of Iowa, 1992

Research Interests

African American public opinion; African American political participation; public opinion on affirmative action, immigration, and the death penalty; voter choice.

Recent Publications

Mangum, Maruice  Chaffin, LaTasha  Greene, Anthony  Shelton, Jason  (2017).  Affirming or Dis-confirming America's Promise: Attitudes about Affirmative Action among Black Americans and Black Immigrants.  (Forthcoming,  ).  Africana Social Stratification.

Mangum, Maruice  Chaffin, LaTasha  Greene, Anthony  Shelton, Jason  (2017).  Aligned or Misaligned? Similarities and Differences between African Americans and Black Caribbeans’ Opinions on Affirmative Action.  (1,  12,  pp. 34-66).  Journal of Race and Policy.

Mangum, Maruice  Rodriguez, Anthony  (2017).  Assimilation and Black Immigrants: Comparing the Racial Identity and Racial Consciousness of Caribbeans and African Americans.  (Forthcoming,  ).  National Political Science Review.

Mangum, Maruice  (2016).  Explaining Political Trust among African Americans.  (23,  pp. 84-100).  Journal of Public Management & Social Policy .