Linda Silver Coley

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentMarketing, Transportation & Supply Chain

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1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Linda Silver Coley


Ph D: Marketing/Supply Chain Management, General, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus, 2004

MBA: Marketing, Xavier University, Cincinnati Ohio, 1978

MS: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1973

BS: Chemistry, Bennett College, 1972

Research Interests

Research Interests: • Measurement theory, specifically structural equation modeling of second-order, multi-dimensional constructs for deployment in models that explain and explore complex business phenomena that mirror business practice and goals, such as a supply-network competitive advantage; • Interaction effects of elements of market orientation (MO) [i.e. consumer-orientation, customer-orientation, competitor-orientation [which are external business factors] and inter-functional coordination [which is an internal business factor] on innovation in supply networks; • Operationalizing core competence at the supply network-level [versus the firm-level] of the market economy; • Effects of intangible [versus tangible] factors, such as corporate reputation, trust, satisfaction, and inequity, on supply chain network inter-organizational exchange relationships; • Effects of supplier-producer-customer intangible and tangible resources, in the same model, to explain and explore the effects on competitive advantages such as innovation; and • Pedagogical innovation research.

Recent Publications

Leaven, Laquanda  Wang, Shengbin  Coley, Linda  Udoka, Silvanus  (2017).  Achieving Optimal Safety Inventory Levels for Oil Companies using the CONWIP Approach.  In Dr. Md. Mamun Habib  (4,  6,  pp. 1-5).  International Journal of Supply Chain Management.

Stone, George  Coley, Linda  Leak, Roland  (2014).  Towards a Global Consumer “Eco-orientation” Model: A Cross-national Perspective.  (4,  26,  pp. 311-328).  Journal of International Consumer Marketing.

Coley, Linda  Lindemann, Eckhard   Wagner, Stephan  (2012).  Tangible and intangible resource inequity in customer-supplier relationships”.  (8,  27,  pp. 611-622).  Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Wagner, Stephan  Coley, Linda  Lindemann, Eckhard  (2011).  The effect of the supplier’s reputation on the future of buyer-supplier relationships: The roles of outcome fairness and trust” .  (2,  47,  pp. 29-48).  Journal of Supply Chain Management .

Smith, Bret  Kickul, Jill  Coley, Linda  (2010).  Using simulation to develop empathy and motivate agency: An innovative pedagogical approach for social entrepreneurship education.  A. Fayolle (ed.), Handbook of Entrepreneurship Education, 3rd volume.  

Coley, Linda  Mentzer, John  Cooper, Martha  (2010).  “Is ‘Consumer-Orientation’ a Dimension of Market Orientation in Consumer Markets?”.  (2,  18,  pp. 141-154).  Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice .