Liping Liu

TitleAssociate Professor



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OfficeGeneral Classroom Building
Room: A431

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Liping Liu


Ph D: Applied Mathematics, General, University of Alberta, 2002

BS: Applied Mathematics, Huazhong of Science and Technology, 1995

Research Interests

differential equations, mathematical modeling, computational math, dynamics systems

Recent Publications

Lin, Yuh Lang  Chen, Shu-Hua  Liu, Liping  (2016).  Orographic Influence on Basic Flow and Cyclone Circulation and Their Impacts on Track Deflection of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone.  (73,  pp. 3951-3974).  Journal of the Atmospheric Science.

Liu, Liping  Lin, Yuh Lang  Chen, Shu-Hua  (2016).  Effects of Landfall Location and Approach Angle of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone over a Long Mountain Range.  (14,  4,  ).  Front. Earth Sci..

Varatharajah, Paramanathan  Tankersley, Barbara  Oldham, Janis  Denton, Zachary  Liu, Liping  (2014).  Calculus I (EarlyTranscendentals) Workbook .   Pearson Education Inc..

Lin, Yuh Lang  Liu, Liping  Tang, Guoqing  Spinks, James  Jones, Wilson  (2013).  Origin of pre-Debby (2006) African easterly wave and mesoscale convective system.  (120,  pp. 123-144).  Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Lin, Yuh Lang  Liu, Liping  Tang, Guoqing  Spinks, James  Jones, Wilson  (2013).  Origin of the pre-tropical storm Debby (2006) African easterly wave-mesoscale convective system.  (3-4,  120,  pp. 123–144).  Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Liu, Liping  Clemence, Dominic  Mickens, Ronald  (2011).  A nonstandard finite difference scheme for contaminant transport with kinetic langmuir sorption.  (4,  27,  pp. 767–785).  Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations.

Liu, Liping  Wang, Xia  (2010).  Eighth-order methods with high efficiency index for solving nonlinear equations.  (9,  215,  pp. 3449–3454).  Applied Mathematics and Computation.