Lauren Davis


DepartmentIndustrial and Systems Engineering




OfficeMcNair hall
Room: 404

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Lauren Davis


Ph D: Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2005

MS: Industrial & Management Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1992

BS: Computational Mathematics, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1991

Research Interests

Humanitarian Logistics, Supply Chain Optimization, Emergency preparedness/ response

Recent Publications

Fianu, Sefakor  Davis, Lauren  (2017).  A markov decision process model for equitable distribution of supplies under uncertainty.   European Journal of Operational Reserach.

Davis, Lauren  Jiang, Steven  Morgan, Shona  Nuamah, Isaac  Terry, Jessica  (2016).  Analysis and prediction of food donation behavior for a domestic hunger relief organization.  (182,  pp. 26-37).  International Journal of Production Economics.

Lodree, Emmett  Davis, Lauren  (2016).  Empirical analysis of volunteer convergence following the 2011 tornado disaster in Tuscaloosa Alabama.  (2,  84,  pp. 1109-1135).  Natural Hazards.

Orgut, Irem  Brock, III, Luther  Davis, Lauren  Ivy, Julie  Jiang, Steven  Morgan, Shona  Uzsoy, Reha  Hale, Charlie  Middleton, Earline  (2016).  Achieving Equity, Effectiveness, and Efficiency in Food Bank Operations: Strategies for Feeding America with Implications for Global Hunger Relief.  Advances in Managing Humanitarian Operations   Springer International Publishing.

Teasley, Raquel  Bemley, Jessye  Davis, Lauren  Erera, Alan  Chang, Yanling  (2016).  A Markov Chain Model for Quantifying Consumer Risk in Food Supply Chains.  (2,  5,  pp. 149-161).  Health Systems.

Brock, Luther  Davis, Lauren  (2015).  Estimating available supermarket commodities for food bank collection in the absence of information.  (7,  42,  pp. 3450 - 3461).  Expert Systems with Applications.

Abdus-Salaam, Husniyah  Davis, Lauren  (2015).  Tactical allocation and acceptance of multiple patient classes in the presence of no-shows.  (2,  4,  pp. 93 - 103).  Health Systems.