Kevin Lamont James

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentAccounting and Finance



OfficeCraig Hall
Room: 401

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Kevin Lamont James


Ph D: Accounting, The University of Tennessee, 2000

MBA: Business Administration, Middle Tennessee State University, 1996

BBA: Accounting, Middle Tennessee State University, 1991

Research Interests

Financial Accounting and Diversity Issues using behavioral research methodolgy

Recent Publications

James, Kevin  (2011).  The Danger of Human Capital Depletion in the Public Accounting Profession.  (30,  pp. 1-10).  Regional Business Review.

James, Kevin  Hill, Cecil  (2010).  Race and Development of Career Interest in Accounting.  (4,  27,  pp. 210-222).  Journal of Accounting Education.

James, Kevin  Seipel, Scott  (2010).  The Effects of Decreased User Confidence on Perceived Internal Audit Effectiveness.  (1,  2,  pp. 1-23).  Journal of forensic and Investigative Accounting.

James, Kevin  (2009).  Dynamic Seating Systems, Inc. An Analytical Procedures Case.   The Journal of Business Cases and Applications.

James, Kevin  Michello, F  (2009).  Pro Forma Versus GAAP Reporting: An Examination of Differences in Investor Perceptions.  (2,  pp. 47-57).  Journal of Finance and Accountancy.

James, Kevin  (2008).  Barriers to Recruiting African American Students into Accounting.  (1,  pp. 45-51).  Research in Higher Education.

James, Kevin  Monks, Andrew  Smith, Leah  (2008).  Has the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Met Expectations? .  (6,  53,  pp. 28-30).  Tennessee CPA Journal.

James, Kevin  (2007).  High School Students' Development of Career Interest in Accounting: A Study of Racial Differences..  (2,  9,  pp. 17-22).  National Accounting Journal.

James, Kevin  (2006).  Achieving a More Diverse Profession.  (11,  76,  pp. 62-65).  CPA Journal.