John P. Kizito


DepartmentMechanical Engineering


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OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 601

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

John P. Kizito


Ph D: Mechanical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1996

MS: Mechanical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1991

BS: Mechanical Engineering, Makerere University, 1985

Research Interests

Fluid and Thermal Engineering, Bio-physicochemical hydrodynamics, Aerospace, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Recent Publications

Kizito, John  (2018).  Development of an Experimental and Digital Cardiovascular Arterial Model for Transient Hemodynamic and Postural Change Studies: "A Preliminary Framework Analysis".  (1,  9,  pp. 1-31).  CARDIOVASCULAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY.

Wu, W  Lin, YR  Mesalhy, O  Kizito, John  Leland, QH  (2017).  Design and Testing of a Cooling Fan for Electro-Mechanical Actuators for Aerospace Applications.  (011,  2,  ).  Int J Astronaut Aeronautical Eng.

Wu, W  Lin, YR  Chow, LC  Gyasi, E  Kizito, JP  Leland, QH  (2017).  Electromechanical actuator fan failure analysis and safety-critical design.  (4,  32,  pp. 18--25).  IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine.

Hallaby, Ghazi  Kizito, John  (2016).  Dynamics of Plug Formation in a Circular Cylinder Under Low Bond Number Conditions: Experiment and Simulation.  (4,  28,  pp. 451--458).  Microgravity Science and Technology.

Hossain, Md  Kizito, John  (2016).  THERMAL ANALYSIS AND FLOW VISUALIZATION OF A FLAT LOOP HEAT PIPE.  (5,  7,  ).  Frontiers in Heat Pipes.