Shamsuddin Ilias


DepartmentChemical, Biological and Bio Engineering



OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 314

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Shamsuddin Ilias


Ph D: Chemical Engineering, Queen's University, 1986

MS: Chemical Engineering, University of Petroleum and Minerals, 1979

BS: Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University, 1974

Research Interests

Dr. Ilias’ research interests include: membrane separations and membrane reactors, PEM fuel cell and electrocatalysts, computational fluid and particle dynamics, and diffusion in porous media.

Recent Publications

Sultana, K  Fadhel, A  Deshmane, V  Ilias, Shamsuddin  (2017).  Novel Method for Synthesis of Electrocatalyst via Catalytic Graphitization of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon for PEMFC Application.   Separation Science & Technology.

Ogbole, Emmanuel  Lou, Jianzhong  Desmane, Vishiwanath  Ilias, Shamsuddin  (2017).  Influence of Surface-Treated SiO2 on the Transport Behavior of O2 and N2 through Polydimethylsiloxane Nanocomposite Membrane.  (2017,  175,  pp. 358–364).  Separation and Purification Technology .

Islam, Syed  Deshmane, Vishwanath  Ilias, Shamsuddin  (2016).  Thermal Stability Study of Pd-composite Membrane Fabricated by Surfactant Induced Electroless Plating (SIEP).  (7,  51,  pp. 1176-1188).  Separation Science & Technology.