Salam A. Ibrahim


DepartmentFamily and Consumer Sciences


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OfficeCarver Hall
Room: 171

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Salam A. Ibrahim


Other: Biochemsitry, Rush University Medical Center, 1997

Ph D: Food Sciences, University of Kentucky, 1991

BS: Food Science and Technology, University of Mosul, 1984

MS: Food Sciences, University of Georgia,

Research Interests

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Recent Publications

Adjei-Fremah, Sarah  Ekwemalor, Kingsley  Worku, Mulumebet  Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Probiotics and Ruminant Health.  In Shymaa Enany   Probiotics/ Intech Open Science.

Issa, Aseel  Schimmel, Keith  Worku, Mulumebet  Abolghasem, Shahbazi  Ibrahim, Salam  Tahergorabi, Reza  (2018).  Sweet Potato Starch‐Based Nanocomposites: Development, Characterization and Biodegradability.   Starch‐Stärke.

Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Choline kinase, a novel drug target for the inhibition of Streptococcus pneumoniae.  (4,  6,  pp. 20-28).  Antibiotics.

Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Effects of pyrimidine nucleosides on growth performance, gut morphology, digestive enzymes, serum biochemical indices and immune response in broiler chickens.  (204,  pp. 1-6).  Livestock Science.

Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Isolation and characterization of microcrystalline cellulose from.  (111,  pp. 717-721).  International journal of biological macromolecules.

Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Chemical properties of vacuum-fried Pleurotus eryngii during storage and characterization of brown pigment.  (3,  20,  pp. S2349–S2358).  International Journal of Food Properties.

Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Enhanced sanitation standard operating procedures have limited impact on Listeria monocytogenes prevalence in retail delis.  (11,  80,  pp. 1903-1912).  Journal of food protection.

Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Plants of the Genus Zingiber as a Source of Bioactive Phytochemicals: From Tradition to Pharmacy.  (12,  22,  ).  Molecules 2017, 22(12), 2145.