Hye Won Kang

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentFamily and Consumer Sciences




OfficeCarver Hall
Room: 171-D

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Hye Won Kang


Ph D: Nutritional Sciences, University of Connecticut, 2006

MS: Food Science and Technology, Korea University, 1999

BS: Food and Nutrition, Dongduk Women's University, 1997

Research Interests

My research interest is to find a novel way to prevent obesity by activating brown fat and browning white fat using dietary compounds at molecular biological and physiological levels using mice and mammalian cell models. This includes (1) identification of dietary compounds which activate brown fat, (2) finding a mechanism by which dietary compounds activate brown fat and browning effect on white fat, (3) understanding a relationship between brown fat and other oxidative tissues to prevent obesity.

Recent Publications

Kang, Hye Won  Lee, Sung Jin  Walker, Jane  (2018).  Assessing breakfast eating behaviors of historically Black College and University (HBCU) students.  ( ,  pp. ).  Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Kang, Hye Won  Lim, Won-Chul  Lee, Jin-Kyu  Ho, Jin-Nyoung  Lim, Eun-Jeong  Cho, Hong-Yon  (2017).  Germinated Waxy Black Rice Ameliorates Hyperglycemia and Dyslipidemia in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats.  (11,  40,  pp. 1846-1855).  Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin.

Jung, Eun-Jin   Kim, Young-Suk   Choi, Jung-Wa   Kang, Hye Won  Chang, Un-Jae   (2017).  The Analysis of a Diet for the Human Being and the Companion Animal using Big Data in 2016.  (4,  6,  pp. 256-266).  Clinical Nutrition Research.