Godfrey C. Ejimakor


DepartmentAgribusiness, Applied Economics, and Agriscience Education




OfficeCarver Hall
Room: 167

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Godfrey C. Ejimakor


Ph D: Agricultural Economics, Texas Tech University, 1989

MS: Ag. Economics (Production Economics), North Carolina A&T State University, 1984

BS: economics, North Carolina A&T State University, 1980

Research Interests

agricultural marketing, urban food systems, natural and environmental resources

Recent Publications

Ejimakor, Godfrey  Quaicoe, Obed  Asiseh, Fafanyo  (2017).  Agricultural Factor Use and Substitution in the Southeastern United States.   Studies in Agricultural Economics.

Hardy, Deric  Ejimakor, Godfrey  Quaicoe, Obed  (2017).  Exploring the Food Expenditure Patterns of College Students.   European Scientific Journal.

Amoakon, Joel  Ejimakor, Godfrey  Hardy, Deric  (2017).  Food Sources and Preferences of College students. .   European Scientific Journal.

Ayad, Amira  El-Rab, Deiaa  Shahbazi, Abolghasem  Worku, Mulumebet  Schimmel, Keith  Ejimakor, Godfrey  Zimmerman, Tahl  Ibrahim, Salam  (2016).  Using date palm by-products to cultivate Lactobacilllus reuteri spp..  No   Journal of Food Research.

Ejimakor, Godfrey  Adu-Nyako, Kofi  (2014).  Consumer Preference for US Food Products in Ghana..  (1,  45,  pp. 1).  Food Distribution Research Society.

Ejimakor, Godfrey  Adu-Nyako, Kofi  (2014).  Vendor and Consumer Differences in Perceptions of Food Quality in Ghana.  (1,  45,  pp. 1).  Food Distribution Research Society.