Choongseok Park

TitleAssistant Professor




OfficeHines hall
Room: 123C

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Choongseok Park


Ph D: Mathematics, The Ohio State University, 2007

BS: Mathematics, Yonsei University, 1998

Research Interests

Mathematical Neuroscience

Recent Publications

Miller, Thomas  Clements, Katie  Ahn, Sungwoo  Park, Choongseok  Ji, Eoon Hye  Issa, Fadi  (2017).  Social Status-Dependent Shift in Neural Circuit Activation Affects Decision Making..  (8,  37,  pp. 11).  Journal of Neuroscience.

Edoh, Kossi  Roop, John  Park, Choongseok  Deeb, Ahmad  (2016).  Calculus for Business and Technology workbook.   Pearson Education.

Park, Choongseok  Miller, Thomas  Clements, Katie  Ahn, Sungwoo  Ji, Eoon Hye  Issa, Fadi  (2016).  Social stress induced neural network reconfiguration affects decision making and learning in zebrafish.  (54,  17 (Suppl 1),  ).  BMC Neuroscience .

Molkov, Yaroslav  Shevtsova, Natalia  Park, Choongseok  Ben-Tal, Alona  Smith, Jeffrey  Rubin, Jonathan  Rybak, Ilya  (2014).  A Closed-Loop Model of the Respiratory System: Focus on Hypercapnia and Active Expiration.  In Michael Koval, Emory University School of Medicine, USA  (10,  9,  pp. e109894.).  PLoS One.

Rubchinsky, Leonid  Ahn, Sungwoo  Park, Choongseok  (2014).  Dynamics of desynchronized episodes in intermittent synchronization.  In Aslak Tveito, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway  (2,  ).  Frontiers in Physics.

Guo, Yixin  Park, Choongseok  Worth, Robert  Rubchinsky, Leonid  (2013).  Basal ganglia modulation of thalamocortical relay in Parkinson's disease and dystonia.  In Izhar Bar-Gad, Bar-Ilan University, Israel  (7,  ).  Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.

Park, Choongseok  Rubin, Jonathan  (2013).  Cooperation of intrinsic bursting and calcium oscillations underlying activity patterns of model pre-Bötzinger complex neurons.  In David Terman, Ohio State University, USA  (2,  34,  pp. 345–366).  Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.

Dovzhenok, Andrey  Park, Choongseok  Worth, Robert  Rubchinsky, Leonid  (2013).  Failure of Delayed Feedback Deep Brain Stimulation for Intermittent Pathological Synchronization in Parkinson’s Disease.  In William W. Lytton, SUNY Downstate MC, USA  (3,  8,  pp. e58264).  PLoS ONE.