David Y. Chen

TitleAssociate Professor





OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 107

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

David Y. Chen


Ph D: Agricultural Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1971

MS: Agricultural Economics, New Mexico State University, 1966

BS: Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University, 1962

Research Interests

Twin deficits, monetary policy, fiscal policy, international trade.

Recent Publications

Chen, David  (2017).  Effect of Inflation Targeting Policy on U.S. Trade Imbalance.  In Christine Duller, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria  (2,  17,  pp. 7-18).  European Journal of Business Review.

Chen, David  (2016).  Effect of Credit Union Loans on U.S. Regional Economic Growth.  In Dr. Cheick Wague, S. Stockholm Univ. Sweden,  No  (4th,  16,  pp. 79-86).  Journal of Academy of Business and Economics/Intern'l Academy of Bus. & Econ..

Chen, David  (2016).  Effect of Private Demestic Investment on the U.S. Twin Deficits.  In Dr. James Estes, California State Univ. San Bernardino, U.S. A.   (1,  16,  pp. 21-32).  Journal of International Finance and Economics.

Chen, David  Li, Tongzhe  (2015).  International Trade Imbalance: A Comparison of the U.S. and the U. K..  In J.G. Choi  (2015,  20,  pp. 1-14).  Global Business & Finance Review.

Chen, David  (2015).  The role of saving in the U.S. twin deficits.  In Bhavesh Patel, Ahmedabad Univ. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India,  No  (1,  15,  pp. 61-70).  Journal of International Finance Studies.

Chen, David  Li, Tongzhe  (2014).  Financial crises, Asian stock indices, and current accounts: An Asian-U.S. comparative study..  In M. Plummer  (2014,  34,  pp. 66-78).  Journal of Asian Economics.

Chen, David  Li, Tongzhe  (2014).  How Financial Crises Affect Stock and International Trade in Three Asian Countries?.  In Dr. Bhavesh Patel, Dr. Fabiano G. Lima  (1,  14,  pp. 142-151).  Journal of International Finance and Economics.

Chen, David  (2013).  Monetary Base Volatility and Current Account in U.S..  In Bhavesh M. Patel and Gavriletea Marius,  No.  (1,  13,  pp. 95-103).  Journal of International Finance Studies/IABE.

Chen, David  (2012).  Volatility in U.S. Current Account and Government Policy.  In Cheick Wague and Marius Gavriletea,  No.  (5,  12,  pp. 21-32).  Journal of Academy of Business and Economics.