Cephas Banlenan Naanwaab

TitleAssistant Professor





OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 117

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Cephas Banlenan Naanwaab


Ph D: Applied Economics, Auburn University, 2011

MS: Economics, Auburn University, 2009

BS: Agricultural Economics, University for Development Studies, 2003

Research Interests

International Trade and development, Efficiency and productivity analysis, Impacts of International Trade Agreements

Recent Publications

Naanwaab, Cephas  Edwards, Jeffrey  (2017).  Analyzing Trade Growth Effects of Deviations from Long-run Economic Growth.  (4,  17,  ).  Global Economy Journal.

Naanwaab, Cephas  (2017).  Does economic freedom promote human development? New Evidence from a Cross-National Study.  (3,  52,  pp. 183 - 198).  Journal of Developing Areas.

Edwards, Jeffrey  Naanwaab, Cephas  Romero Aguirre, Alfredo  (2017).  Effect of FDI on real per capita GDP Growth. A Rolling Window Panel Analysis of 60 countries, 1982- 2011.  (1,  17,  ).  Applied Econometrics and International Development.

Obeng, Kofi  Sakano, Ryoichi  Naanwaab, Cephas  (2016).  Understanding Overall Output Efficiency in Public Transit Systems: The Roles of Regulations, Perceived Budget and Subsidies.  (Msy,  89,  pp. 133-150).  Transportation Research Part E.

Naanwaab, Cephas  Diarrassouba, Malick   (2016).  Economic freedom, human capital, and foreign direct investment..  (1,  50,  pp. 407-425).  Journal of Developing Areas.

Sugri, Issah  Yeboah, Osei-Agyemang  Bidzakin, John  Naanwaab, Cephas  Nutsugah, Stephen  Kombiok, James  (2014).  Participatory On-farm Evaluation of Some Storage Methods and Grain Protectants on Quality Characteristics of Maize (Zea mays L.).  (11,  4,  pp. 1268-1279).  American Journal of Experimental Agriculture .

Naanwaab, Cephas  Goktepe, Ipek  Yeboah, Osei-Agyemang  (2014).  Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Bacteriophage Technology Treated Fresh Produce.  (4,  4,  ).  Bacteriophage.

Naanwaab, Cephas  Yeboah, Osei-Agyemang  (2014).  A Partial Equilibrium Analysis of NAFTA's Impact on U.S..  (1,  7,  pp. 89-112).  International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research.

Naanwaab, Cephas  Yeboah, Osei-Agyemang  (2013).  Migrant Remittances and Human Capital Investments.  (2,  6,  pp. 191-202).  Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research.