Christian A. Bock Hyeng

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentBuilt Environment


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OfficePrice Hall
Room: 113

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Christian A. Bock Hyeng


Ph D: Science Technologies, People's Friendship University of Russia, 2006

MS: Bridge Construction, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, 2002

BS: Building Construction, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, 2000

Research Interests

Strenght of Material, Bridge Construction, Thin shell Construction(Plaque)

Recent Publications

Bock Hyeng, Christian  Ofori-Boadu, Andrea  Yamb-Bell, Emmanuel  Shofoluwe, Musibau  (2016).  Mechanical Properties of Sustainable Adobe Bricks Stabilized with Recycled Sugarcane Fiber Waste.  (9,  6,  pp. 50-59).  International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications .

Yeboah, Frank  Pyle, Robert  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2016).  Predicting Solar Radiation for Renewable Energy Technologies – A Random Forest Approach.  (1,  16,  pp. 100-107).  International Journal of Modern Engineering.

Bock Hyeng, Christian  Krivoshapko, Sergei Nikolaiv  (2013).  Umbrella-type Surfaces in Architecture of Spatial Structures.  In IOSR,  no  (3,  3,  pp. 12).  International Journal.

Shofoluwe, Musibau  Ofori-Boadu, Andrea  Waller, Lewis  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  Quality Improvement Practices of Award-Winning Residential Builders and Housing Developers. .  (1,  23,  pp. 7-12).  International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research, 23, 1. 7 – 12..

N, Krivoshapko  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  STATIC AND DYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF THIN-WALLED CYCLIC SHELLS.  In,  No  (5,  2,  pp. 3502 - 3508).  Journal.

N, Krivoshapko  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  GEOMETRICAL RESEARCHES OF RARE TYPES OF CYCLIC SURFACES .  In,  no  (3,  12,  pp. 346 - 359).  Journal.

N., Krivoshapko  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  CLASSIFICATION OF CYCLIC SURFACES AND .  In Awais Shah,  No  (3,  12,  pp. 360 - 374).  Journal.

Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  Enhancing Method of Dimensioning Strain State of Steel Concrete Plate .  In A. A. Peters,  no  (4,  ).  materials sciences and applications.