Christian A. Bock Hyeng

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentBuilt Environment


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OfficePrice Hall
Room: 113

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Christian A. Bock Hyeng



MS: Bridge Construction, People's Friendship University , 2002

BS: Building Construction, People's Friendship University, 2000

Research Interests

Strenght of Material, Bridge Construction, Thin shell Construction(Plaque)

Recent Publications

Yeboah, Frank  Pyle, Robert  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2016).  Predicting Solar Radiation for Renewable Energy Technologies – A Random Forest Approach.  (1,  16,  pp. 100-107).  International Journal of Modern Engineering.

Bock Hyeng, Christian  Krivoshapko, Sergei Nikolaiv  (2013).  Umbrella-type Surfaces in Architecture of Spatial Structures.  In IOSR,  no  (3,  3,  pp. 12).  International Journal.

Shofoluwe, Musibau  Ofori-Boadu, Andrea  Waller, Lewis  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  Quality Improvement Practices of Award-Winning Residential Builders and Housing Developers. .  (1,  23,  pp. 7-12).  International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research, 23, 1. 7 – 12..

N, Krivoshapko  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  STATIC AND DYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF THIN-WALLED CYCLIC SHELLS.  In,  No  (5,  2,  pp. 3502 - 3508).  Journal.

N, Krivoshapko  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  GEOMETRICAL RESEARCHES OF RARE TYPES OF CYCLIC SURFACES .  In,  no  (3,  12,  pp. 346 - 359).  Journal.

N., Krivoshapko  Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  CLASSIFICATION OF CYCLIC SURFACES AND .  In Awais Shah,  No  (3,  12,  pp. 360 - 374).  Journal.

Bock Hyeng, Christian  (2012).  Enhancing Method of Dimensioning Strain State of Steel Concrete Plate .  In A. A. Peters,  no  (4,  ).  materials sciences and applications.

Bock Hyeng, Christian  Emmanuel, Yamb   (2012).  APPLICATION OF CYCLIC SHELLS IN ARCHITECTURE, .  In Manju Sharma,  No  (3,  2,  pp. 799 - 806).  Pursha Publishing House.