Sara Bodison

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Sara Bodison’s college aspirations stemmed from her passion for reading and her appreciation for such literary legends as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Toni Morrison and Alice Walker.

“I have always loved to read,” said Bodison, who began reading at age 3. “I love learning about different cultures and people through literature. It’s an excellent way for cultures to express what makes them unique.”

Beyond reading great works, the senior English major has an affinity for writing her own story as well. In her time at North Carolina A&T, she’s learned a lot about her depth as a writer and discovered some interests she had not yet realized.

“I enjoy everything about my major,” said Bodison, 23. “I actually discovered my love for Shakespeare here at the university, and I also discovered that my writing I could better my writing.”

A cause that she didn’t find attainable in high school, she said.

“In high school, I felt like my writing couldn’t reach a higher level, but once I got to college, I actually was able to work on my grammar, my diction and other parts of writing,” Bodison said.

A native of Durham, N.C., Bodison transferred to A&T from Bennett College in 2009. Since that time, she has consistently been named to the Dean’s List and has been a member of several honor societies including Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Alpha Chi Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society.

“I feel honored to be a part of all of it,” she said. “The fact that they wanted me to be a member impressed me.”

She also volunteers with Composition Central – a university program which offers tutorial services to students seeking to strengthen their writing skills.

Last spring, Bodison received a Hilda Hayes Fountain Satterfield Scholarship, awarded by the Department of English at A&T. Her recognition was based on an essay she wrote about her goals to ultimately become a lawyer and use her skills to help her community.

Inspired by her older sister who is a lawyer, Bodison looks to one day work with nonprofit organizations and in family law, she said.

“My goals are focused on giving back to my community,” she said. “I was to represent those who are in low-income communities and feel as though they don’t have a voice.”

After graduating this spring, Bodison hopes to take some time off from school to teach through the Teach for America initiative. Though she has had a lifelong fervor for reading, she did not always enjoy and had not been successful in English courses prior to college. That changed during her junior year of high school when she had a teacher that pushed her to new heights, she said.

“She made me respect English, and I began to love it,” Bodison said. “That shows the power that one teacher had versus the negative impact that many teachers over the years had on me. I want to be that teacher for someone else.”

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