Joshua Hill

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Until his junior year in high school, Joshua Hill was sure he wanted to be an engineer.

But after starting engineering courses in a Governor’s School for Science and Technology, he began having second thoughts.

“I absolutely hated the program, yet my mother would not let me quit,” he said.

But he also enrolled in a college and career prep course, in which he took multiple career assessments based on personality and interests.

“Accounting and auditing appeared on all of my assessments,” he said.

Though, at the time, Hill thought accountants were boring, it was a guest speaker discussing his role as an auditor for the U.S. Department of Defense that helped to change his mind.

Now a senior accounting major, the Hampton, Va. native is excited about his future and the wide array of opportunities that come with his degree.

“Because every business needs an accountant, we have the option to work in virtually any industry, ranging from technology to healthcare,” said Hill, 22.

Hill chose to earn his degree at North Carolina A&T for a number of reasons, including the university’s strong accounting program. The Department of Accounting and Finance structures its program so that it is not solely about number crunching, he said.

“In all of my major courses I have been issued numerous writing assignments, group projects, and presentations, forcing me to develop my writing and communication skills, which are vitally important,” Hill said.

But Hill continues to learn through his experiences outside of the classroom as well. He’s been heavily involved in campus organizations since his freshman year.

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