2012 Fall Family Counseling Conference

The 2012 Fall Family Counseling Conference will convene Thursday, Nov. 15, in Proctor Hall. The conference theme is Families: All of Us for Every One. The keynote speaker will be Leonard Pitts, nationally acclaimed columnist with The Miami Herald. In addition to break out sessions, activities will include a panel discussion on the state of families and a graduate student poster session. Conference clusters include Families and Trauma, Families and Health Care/Disabilities, Families and Healthy Marriage, Families and Schools, and Families and Cross-cultural Perspectives. Proposals for presentations are welcome. Forms for proposals and for registration are available through this link.For additional information, contact Dr. Patricia Whitfield, president of the North Carolina Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and associate professor in the Department of Human Development and Services, at betheap@ncat.edu or 336-334-7916.