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Wireless Improvement Plan

Wireless Improvement plan

NC A&T’s ITS division has been working diligently to make improvements to the campuses Wi-Fi network.  In coordination with Cisco we have developed a plan to upgrade the University’s buildings to 802.11 AC wireless access points.   This upgrade will provide more bandwidth and congestion relief to the existing wireless network.

The first phase has already been completed for the upgrade process.  This was a non-impactful installation of new wireless controllers into the University’s network.  The second phase of the project, to install new 802.11 AC access points, has started and you may refer to the schedule below to determine which buildings have been completed and the proposed upcoming schedule.  Eduroam,  Student and employee Wi-Fi are available on these wireless access points and ITS encourages everyone to connect and compare the new speeds.

Project Information

Wireless Improvement Project

The project schedule can be found here


The purpose of the wireless improvement plan is to upgrade the existing wireless equipment from older 802.11 a/b/g/n access point and controllers to 802.11 AC Wave 1 equipment.  The project will also entail installing additional access points to the University’s campus to increase capacity and available bandwidth to our residents, faculty, and staff. 


The process to migrate each building on campus consists of the following tasks:

  1. Existing legacy wireless access points will be replaced, one at a time, with new 802.11 AC wireless access points. During this step wireless may be down temporarily in certain parts of a building while equipment is being upgraded.
  2. Heat maps will be created for the building and technicians will work to determine areas that new wireless access points should be installed. This process may take multiple days to finish per building.
  3. Once locations of new wireless access points have been determined new cabling will be ran for the new wireless access points and they will be physically installed.
  4. Network configurations will be made to finalize the installation of the new wireless access points.

After this process each building will be completely upgraded to the new 802.11 AC wireless network.  Networking staff will assist in troubleshooting any problems.  These includes dead spots and connectivity issues to the wireless network.