Mobile Devices FAQ

1) What is the process for obtaining a phone?

  • Submit a Cherwell ticket to Telecom Services and include a description of device requested. You will receive a device quote with pricing and plan options, and additional accessories.

  • b) Once your quote is approved, attach a completed Telephone Service Request (TSR) to your existing Cherwell ticket and indicate your intent to purchase. The form is located at:

  • Please include a device name, storage size, any additional devices, and accessories as these all determine the price to be paid.

6) Does my plan include text messaging?

High range plans ($49-$73) include unlimited domestic text messaging.

7) Does my phone have insurance?

Most devices do not have insurance but can be added for $6-$8/month.

8) What if I lose my phone or what if it is stolen?

In the event the equipment is stolen, file a report with Campus Police and send a copy of the police report and a letter (on department stationary) with approved signatures for replacement of equipment.

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2) Can I use my personal device to make reimbursable business calls?

  • Yes, if you have been approved for a mobile communication device (MCD) allowance as detailed in the following policy - MCD Policy.

  • You must also complete a MCD Allowance Request form. For a copy of the form, please submit a Cherwell ticket to Telecom Services.

9) How are billing issues resolved?

Complete a Cherwell ticket to Telecom Services or, your account administrator can also provide support.

10) Where can I pick up my phone?

Networking & Communications
100 Laurel St
Bluford Library – Basement
Greensboro, NC 27411

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3) How can I check my bill or get a bill copy?

For existing accounts, your account administrator can access your bill. You may also submit a Cherwell ticket to Telecom Services for a digital copy of your bill. Please attach a completed TSR with signature approval to the ticket.

11) How do I reassign a phone?

Submit a Cherwell ticket to Telecom Services to have information updated in the Verizon database.

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4) What standard accessories come with the phone? What is the cost for other accessories?

Most devices ship with a wall charger at no additional cost. Large brand (Apple and Samsung) ship with earphones. Accessories not included with device purchase can be purchased at a 25% discount.

5) What plans are available and where can they be found?

Since plans, phone models, and accessories frequently change, this information can be provided as part of the Cherwell ticket process listed in Item 1 above.