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Connect Your Android to the Wireless Network

This document is written as an instruction to connect your Android-based devices to NCAT’s campus wireless network.

Step 1: Go to the main window and press “Settings”.

Step 2: Press “Wireless & networks”.

Step 2: Make sure there is a green check behind the “Wi-Fi” and press “Wi-Fi settings”.

Step 3: Press “Add Wi-Fi network”.  

Step 4: Type in “aggiestudent or aggieemployee”. Please be caution, case is sensitive here. Select “802.1x EAP” for “Security” and “PEAP” for “EAP method” as below.

Step 5: Leave “CA certificate” and “User certificate” empty. Type in your NCAT email account and password in the “Identity” and “Password” fields, then press “Save”.

Step 6: Wait until “Connected” shows up next to “aggiestudent or aggieemployee” as below.

Step 6: Swipe your finger alone the “aggiestudent or aggieemployee”, this will bring up the detail page of network information, such as: IP address. Your device will not be connected until the IP address is right as below. Press “Cancel” to close the popup and open a browser to access the Internet.