Clean Access

Since its deployment in 2007, the Network Admission Control (NAC) product, Cisco Clean Access (CCA), has guarded the campus network and student computers against Hackers, Viruses, Worms, and Trojans to better secure our data. 

CCA will be installed onto a computer when users log onto the university network. After the installation process is completed, CCA will scan the computer to verify whether the computer meets the minimum security standards established by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT).  If your computer does not meet the minimum security criteria, you will be directed to the appropriate web page for Clean Access instructions before network access can be granted.


You must have a valid Aggie Access ID (A&T e-mail account) to access the campus network.

Clean Access performs the following checks

Validation Checks

Microsoft Windows with Latest Updates (Mandatory)Automatic Updates Enabled for Windows with Download Option (Mandatory)Anti-virus Software Installed (Mandatory)Anti-virus Software with Latest Definitions (Mandatory)Firewall Installed and Enabled (Mandatory)