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ResNet is A&T's computing program for students living on campus in the residence halls. Each residence hall is equipped with network connections that enable students to have high-speed access to the campus network and the internet.

To join ResNet, each student must satisfy the following requirements:

  •     Own a ResNet compliant computer system
  •     Purchase a compatible network cable
  •     Sign and submit a ResNet contract
  •     Schedule an appointment to be connected


Freshmen and transfer students may sign up for ResNet during the first two weeks of each term. After which, middle and upperclassmen may participate in the program. All ResNet requests are by appointment only.

Typical ResNet hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday (except for university holidays and breaks).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ResNet cost?

The cost of ResNet service is incorporated into student technology fees.

What is a ResNet compliant computer system?

For your computer system to be considered ResNet compliant, it must meet the following requirements:

    Your system must be network ready
    Your system must not contain any unlicensed software applications
    Your system must contain an up-to-date operating system
    Your system must contain up to date anti-virus software (provided free upon request)
    Your system must be configured to use the Dynamic Host Communication Protocol (DHCP)

What computer system do you recommend?

The performance of any system improves with the quality of components; your needs will depend upon how you use your computer. For more specific guidance, we recommend you review our minimum recommended computer specifications.

Is technical support provided for ResNet?

No.  Aggie Tech Support provides only limited technical support for secure access to the campus network.  For more details, visit the Aggie Tech Support Page.