Download Windows Updates

Why it is Vital

If a PC has not been connected to the Internet for a while, or has never been updated, several critical patches may have slipped by.  If your computer is missing critical updates or patches, it is at a much higher risk for attacks from viruses, worms, malware, hackers and other problems. Critical updates must be applied to your computer to protect the security of all who access the network.

How to Apply Critical Updates for Windows

    1. Using Internet Explorer, navigate to
    2. If you get a request to Install the ActiveX control, follow these directions or the website may not display correctly on your computer. To install it:

      Right-click the Internet Explorer Information Bar. It is located just below the address bar.
      In the right-click menu, click "Install ActiveX Control".
      In the Security Warning dialog box, click "Install".
    3. Once the "Welcome to Windows Update" screen is displayed, click "Express Install".  This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain security updates.
    4. If you are presented with a dialog box containing an End User License Agreement, read the agreement.  Click "I Agree" to indicate that you have read and that you accept the agreement.
    5. When the updates have been successfully installed, you will be prompted to restart your computer.  Ensure that you have saved anything you are working on and that all running programs are closed before clicking "Restart Now".

When your computer reboots, return to the Windows Update page to download remaining updates. You may need to repeat this step several times until all updates have been downloaded.