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Changing Your Webmail or Computer Password

In iNotes (i.e. Webmail)

Step 1: Log into the Lotus iNotes client via Internet Explorer (i.e.

Step 2: Next, click on the preferences tab located near the upper right hand corner

Step 3: Then, choose "Security" from the left menu bar

Step 4: Push the "Change..." button located under the "Change Internet Password" section

Step 5: Type in your old password once and then type in your new password twice

Step 6: Click on the "OK" button

In Lotus Notes

Step 1: Chose 'File->Security->User Security' from the menu

Step 2: Check the box that says "Always set Domino web/Internet password to match Notes password"

Step 3: Click the "Change Password..." button

Step 4: Enter your current Lotus Notes email password, Click "Log In"

Step 5: Type in your new password

Step 6: Click on the "OK" button

Your new password should become active within an hour. You may use your old password until your new password becomes active.

Changing your computer password

1. Log into your computer with your current password 

2. Press the Ctrl-Alt-Del buttons at the same time

3. Click the "Change Password" button

4. Enter your old password once and your new password twice for confirmation

5. Click the "OK" button