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Teaching and Learning with Technology

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The Teaching and Learning with Technology department provides technology related professional development opportunities and teaching assistance to faculty and staff. It is responsible for managing the IT departments that plan, install, monitor, and support the university’s information technology infrastructure and for communicating IT initiatives that impact or may be of interest to the university community.  The units that report to this department are: 1) Project Management 2) Technology Training and 3) the Instructional Technology Services department which offers Blackboard® and eLearning services. | Teaching and Learning With Technology Department Page

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The Applications department is responsible for enterprise-wide university applications. This department provides guidance and oversight of technology implementation, maintenance, and management of enterprise installations. The following units report to this department: 1) Database Administration and Management, 2) Administrative Information Systems (AIS), and 3) Web Support.

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Networking and Communications

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The Networking and Communications department is responsible for providing state-of-the art network and communication technologies. Services include a high-speed fiber based infrastructure to ensure reliable voice, data, and video as well as multimedia network connections. The units that report to this department are: 1) Telecommunications 2) Networking 3) Video and 4) Wireless Services.

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IT Security and Audit Policies

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The IT Security and Audit Policies department is responsible for assisting the campus community with identifying, evaluating, and mitigating IT security risks. This unit engages the campus community in security education and audits end user compliance in order to ensure sufficient controls are in place relevant to University policies, business continuity, as well as federal and state legislation regarding information technology.

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Support Services

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The department of Support Services is comprised of three primary areas:  Aggie Technical Support (ATS), the Information Technology Procurement Office and the Student Technology Services Group (STS). Our promise is to provide customers with real value through prompt, helpful service and a better understanding of how to access and use technology. We promise not only to provide technology solutions, but to listen and work with our customers to exceed their expectations. We aim to encourage our users to become self-sufficient in the use of information services, both academic and administrative. ATS employees pass on as much information as possible in resolving proposed issues, so enabling our users to find what they need for themselves in the future, and to spread this knowledge among their fellow users. | Aggie Technical Support (ATS) Web Page

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Systems and Data Center Operations

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The Systems and Data Center Operations department is responsible for the overall architectural design and coordination of the IT infrastructure. This office is also responsible for the oversight of technology design and development plans for all departments in the IT division, university divisions, and external groups. Additionally, this unit ensures that the campus infrastructure is developed and implemented using a consistent, comprehensive set of guiding principles and standards. The three units that support this department are: 1) Data Center Operations 2) Windows Server Development and 3) Unix Server Development.

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