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Connect Your Android to the Wireless Network

This document is written as an instruction to connect your Android-based devices to NCAT’s campus wireless network.

Step 1: Go to the main window and press “Settings”.

Step 2: Press “Wireless & Networks”.

Step 2: Make sure there is a green check behind the “Wi-Fi” and press “Wi-Fi settings”.

Step 3: Press “Add Wi-Fi network”.  

Step 4: Type in “aggiestudent or aggieemployee”. Be aware this is case sensitive. Select “802.1x EAP” for “Security” and “PEAP” for “EAP method”.

Step 5: Leave “CA certificate” and “User certificate” empty. Type in your NCAT email account and password in the “Identity” and “Password” fields, then press “Save”.

Step 6: Wait until “Connected” shows up next to “aggiestudent or aggieemployee”.

Step 6: Swipe across the “aggiestudent or aggieemployee”, this will bring up the detail page of network information, such as, IP address. Your device will not be connected until the IP address is correct. Press “Cancel” to close the popup and open a browser to access the Internet.

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