Windows Vista Wireless Network Configuration


Aggie Access ID

Please ensure your wireless card is ON.

Dell: Hold down the Fn and F2 keys together

HP/Compaq/Toshiba: Turn the wireless radio switch to ON.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click on Start and Select Connect To:

2. In the Select a Network to connect to window, click Setup a connection or network on the lower left hand side of the window.

3. In the Choose a Connection option window, click the Manually Connect to a Wireless Network option, and click Next.

4. In the Enter Information for the wireless network you want to add enter the following information:

Network name: aggiestudent (lower case sensitive)

Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption type: AES

Make sure there is a check in the box next to

Start this connection automatically

Connect even if the network is not broadcasting.

Click next

5. When the Successfully added aggiestudent window appears, choose the Change connection settings. Option.

6. In the aggiestudent Wireless Network properties window, select the Security tab.

7. The Choose a network authentication method: drop down box should read Protected EAP (PEAP) option.

8. Click on the Settings button for the Protected EAP (PEAP) to view the properties.

9. In the Protected EAP Properties window, remove the Check in the box next to Validate Server Certificate.

10. Move down to the Select Authentication Method: and click on the Configure.. button next to Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).

11. Remove the Check next to Automatically use my Windows login name and password (and domain if any).

12. Click OK to close those three windows, and click Closed on the successfully added aggiestudent window.

13. Click on the Additional information is required to connect to nactlawn dialog box that should appear on the lower right hand corner.

14. In the Enter Credentials window, enter your Aggie Access ID (email username and password) and enter STUDENT as your login domain. Click on the OK button.

15. Click Close on the Successful added aggiestudent window.

16. Select Public for your location for the aggiestudent network.

17. Open your Internet Explorer web browser and you will be redirected to register your computer.

18. Enter in your web address bar and click on Continue to this website (not recommended).

19. At the Infoblox window, click on the Accept button.

20. Enter your Aggie Access ID (email username and password).

21. After you get the REGISTRATION IS NOW COMPLETE message, restart your Internet Explorer web browser.

DoIT Policies and Standards Website: Network connectivity devices, whether software or hardware, must be approved by DoIT before they are connected to the University network. These devices include devices such as hubs, routers, switches, bridges, and modems.