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Computrace Anti-theft Software

All new computers that arrive on campus will have Computrace already installed and configured. For older computers, particularly Dell computers bought before October 2013, techs can ensure that Computrace is properly installed and activated by following these instructions:

To activate Computrace, make sure the machine has internet access and log on as an administrator.

Next, access the faculty and staff software share from the PC or laptop you need to activate, at P:\Software\Enterprised Licensed\computrace agent (your drive letter may differ).

Double click on Computrace.exe and follow the instructions. You should get to a screen which states “The Install Shield Wizard Successfully Installed Computrace.” Press the Finish button, then reboot.

To verify the agent is running, double click on ctm.exe. You may need to reboot more than once to engage the agent.

In the Please enter your password field, type the administrative password set after installation, and then click Next.

By default, the out-of-the-box password for the Agent Management utility is password.

To verify successful Agent installation, review the following fields:

Agent Mode — Confirm that the value is Active.

ESN Identifier — For activated Agents, the last four characters of the Identifier are greater than 0000. If the last four characters are zero, click the Test Call tab in the Agent Management utility and Table 1.

IMPORTANT Last IP Call Date/Time — When the Monitoring Center successfully receives a call from the Agent, the value is updated. Displaying a date value indicates a successful call. If the field is empty, your computer has failed to contact the Monitoring Center. Review the installation steps to ensure no steps are missed. If the Agent still cannot contact the Monitoring Center, contact Absolute Software Global Support at By default, the Agent is installed with modem support disabled. The modem is automatically enabled on stolen machines during the first post-theft call to the Monitoring Center. For this reason, most computers display “No last call” in the Last Modem Call Date/Time field.

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