Emergency Management Team

No facility, organization, or community, including North Carolina A&T State University, is immune from disaster.

Emergencies can arise at any time and from various natural or manmade causes. The best way to minimize potential loss, and speed up the recovery from events such as hurricanes, snow storms, fires, or terrorist acts, etc. is to plan ahead.

In order to respond effectively to emergency situations, North Carolina A&T State University maintains an Emergency Management Plan and has created an Emergency Operations Center and an Emergency Management Team. The team is trained to evaluate and respond to major emergency situations using the Incident Command System (ICS). ICS ensures effective management of the people, organizations, and resources utilized in response to emergencies

The University is dependent on many interconnected services for the success of the day-to-day operations and has applied that same concept to the management of emergencies by the creation of its Emergency Management Team (EMT). The University’s EMT provides a framework within which essential units come together to coordinate the response to an emergency.

Emergency Management Team Committee Members

Name Title Phone Email
Charles Wilson AVC/Chief of Police 336.334.7128


Virginia Fullwood Director of Physical Plant 336.285.4526


Christopher Couch Research Operations Manager 336.334.7995 couchc@ncat.edu
Billy Edringston Associate Athletic Director 336.334.7686 edringst@ncat.edu
Rashanda Lowery Legal Specialist 336.334.7592 rllowery@ncat.edu
Andrew Perkins AVC of Facilities 336.285.4551 perkins@ncat.edu
Angela Peterson Director of Auxiliary Services 336.334.7876 angelap@ncat.edu
Harold Seegars Assistant Director of Facilities 336.285.4529 seegarsh@ncat.edu
Louisa Newman Director of Environment Health and Safety 336.334.7032 lvthomas@ncat.edu
C. David Weaver Information Technology 336.285.2143 weaverd@ncat.edu
Vacant Emergency Management Coordinator 336.334.7128 Vacant