Picture of two physical plant workers in the field of work outside of their equipment truck



  • If you notice a leak, clogged commode or drip.  Contact dispatch immediately.
  • Shut off the valve or have housekeeping turn it off.
  • Put up and OUT OF ORDER SIGN up.
  • Contact housekeeping or have dispatch to contact housekeeping to clean up any water.
  • When Facilities or the City turns off the water it may run brown for a period of time.  If you notice this run water from 15 -20 minutes and it should clear, if it doesn’t then contact dispatch.
Johnny White Facility Maint. Supervisor jcwhite@ncat.edu 336.285.4548
Shawn Hughes Facility Maint. Tech. shughes@ncat.edu 336.285.4549
Robert Leach Facility Maint. Tech. rleach@ncat.edu 336.285.4549
Lewis Pennix Facility Maint. Tech. lcpennix@ncat.edu 336.285.4549
Melvin Saddler Facility Maint. Tech. mksaddle@ncat.edu 336.285.4549