Picture of two physical plant workers in the field of work outside of their equipment truck



  • Electrical emergencies consist of power outages.
  • Electricians will replace ballasts.  Make sure the housekeepers have replaced the bulbs before reporting a blown ballast.
  • If you anticipate installing new equipment please let the electricians know ahead of time to make sure there is electrical capacity to power it.
James Theodore Facility Maint. Supervisor jrtheodo@ncat.edu 336.285.4539
Curtis Beckett Facility Maint. Tech. cbeckett@ncat.edu 336.285.4540
Steve Edwards Facility Maint. Tech. saeward1@ncat.edu 336.285.4540
Albert Holness Facility Maint. Tech. aaholnes@ncat.edu 336.285.4540
Femmy Lluz Facility Maint. Tech. ftlluz@ncat.edu 336.285.4540
Mitchell Trice Facility Maint. Tech. mtrice@ncat.edu 336.285.4540